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App Friday: January 30, 2015

I've had several requests this week from developers wanting to do free promotions, so here we go. Sales may only be valid on Friday unless extended by the developer.

First up is Newton Multiplication by  It received 4.5 out of 5 on AppyMall (see the review). Formerly Broccol-e-games, they also make the popular Maths with Springbird

Monkimun is offering another free app this week.  Kids can create imaginary animals with Monki Animal Builder. 

Yellephant has set Coosi Box free, an app to create and share pictures.

Artgig Apps is back already with a new math app named Door 24 Plus developed in conjunction with Curriculum Associates, and yes it too is free.  

If that wasn't enough, explore the skies with Star Walk Kids, visit Tommy's Farm or look through the list of newsworthy links.

See you next week.

Garry Froehlich
Jellybean Tunes


Newton - multiplication
Newton - multiplication


Updated! There are 3 game modes - practice mode, 2 seconds to answer mode, and timed 3 minute rounds mode. A strangely addicting, simple, and fun game about multiplication. Play to practice your timestables, or play to compete with your friends.

Universal (iPhone/iPad): Free -


Door 24 Plus
Door 24 Plus

by Curriculum Associates, LLC

Door 24 Plus is a math fluency app that harnesses the power of game design to help develop students’ skills in both fact fluency and computational fluency. It provides targeted practice in the use of basic facts, number sense, and algebraic thinking.

iPad: Free -

Creative Play

Coosi Box
Coosi Box

by Yellephant

Coosi Box is app for sharing pictures with children all over the world. Pick a theme and use your imagination to fill the screen. It doesn't matter what your children draw. Let them draw whatever they want. Coosi Box have many delightful things you can do, but most important part of our role is to raise your kid's imagination and pure mind.

Universal (iPhone/iPad): Free - Google Play: Free -

Early Learning

Monki Animal Builder
Monki Animal Builder

by Monkimun

Let your imagination run wild and build the most creative animals! Monki Animal Builder is a fun app for young kids that will allow them to enhance their English vocabulary while they have fun building up creatures to make them look like monsters, fantasy animals or whatever they come up with.

Universal (iPhone/iPad): Free - Google Play: Free - Amazon App Store: Free -

Blog Post


by Jellybean Tunes

Tactus Therapy Solutions will attempt to create an AAC app in 5 days, starting February 2nd.  Knowing how much work goes into an app, I wish them luck.  More Details at their web site.

Scholastic has some survey results on the State of Kids and Reading

Toca Boca argues that apps are quite conducive to learning.  Worried Minecraft Is Turning Your Kid Into a Zombie? You Shouldn’t. 

More on security and privacy.  Who’s watching the kids? 

What happens when a high school gives everyone an iPad?  Help Desk: A Student-Led Genius Bar 




Star Walk™ Kids - Explore Space & Planets
Star Walk™ Kids - Explore Space & Planets

by Vito Technology Inc.

Star Walk Kids is an innovative educational tool that combines extensive astronomical data with premium technology to deliver a magical experience of stargazing in the most engaging and enlightening way. As you hold your phone up and point it towards the sky, Star Walk Kids follows your motions using the built-in gyroscope to match the map on your screen to the stars seen from your location. Cartoon-style interface and friendly voice of the narrator effortlessly guide you through the night sky.

Universal (iPhone/iPad): 2.99 -


Tommy's Farm
Tommy's Farm

by Klee GS

Tommy's Farm is a game for ages from 2 to 5. You must help Tommy with his farm´s chores like feed the horse, shear the sheep and many more. The game has 12 diferents activities with an intuitive and child-oriented interface. Tommy's Farm has no timing or winning/losing situations, for children to play freely and comfortably with no stress and at their own pace.

Universal (iPhone/iPad): 1.99 - Lite Version: Free -